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Michael Brolly, John Biggs, Zac Robbins, Chris Coggiano, Tony Delong, and Lynne Brolly
Cirque de Cabinet, 2003
From the Cabinets of Curiosities Exhibit at the Museum for Art in Wood (Philadelphia, PA)
Poplar, mahogany, cherry, ply wood, nails, electric motors, electric eye, computer chip, Lazy Susan, beads, buttons, wire, springs, glass, and acrylic paint
32 x 20 x 20 In.
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Conceived by turner Michael Brolly and realized with the help of five other artists, Cirque de Cabinet is a highly unusual work that simultaneously combines sophisticated production techniques with materials that the typical artist would probably overlook. Cirque de Cabinet consists of a Budda-like figure sitting on a bed of nails. Behind his/her folded legs is a revolving drawer that houses a collection of creature-like figures. In its belly, which is made of glass and protrudes from its shirt, is a computerized dancing figure dressed in beads who moves in tandem with the viewer. A motion sensor imbedded in its nose enables the creature's head to follow the movement of the viewer while its eyes blink, wink, look right and left or up and down.
Intentionally created out of a hodgepodge of material, Cirque de Cabinet could be said to bear a close resemblance to the creature Frankenstein, who, like this cabinet, was created out of unusual materials that bizarrely functioned together as a whole.